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1st January 2010

life- but not as we know it….

With holiday villa guests chilling out in eg Villa St Killians and Villa Garlands in Coral Bay and the owners of Villa Caliteri and Villa Bella, emailing me from poolside, life is going on in the sunshine in Peyia and Coral Bay.

In our home on the hill, there is a lot of things happening. With the arrival on Wednesday, of Tony Without Teeth, Wicked William, Talking Tommy and Generous Jackie, life for us has changed.

Only in my dreams could I have thought of making egg mayonnaise butties for lunch, accompanied by a ‘wind blown’ dialogue about prostrate problems and how to cure ‘being blocked up’ (which neither TWT or WW can suffer from , as they ‘blow merrily’ and loudly , constantly)….

I was gently taking the shells off two boiled eggs when the conversation turned to prostrate problems and operations – so Tony got the eggs and I decided not to bother…..

TWT wants to discuss ‘stuff’ with me later and I know its a conversation that needs to be had but I’d rather she did it with her sons – I feel very uncomfortable with the whole thing…

Still, only 17580 minutes till they need to head back to the airport…………no wonder I drink!

Category: Cyprus Villas News