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1st January 2010

Life Before Jake…

Its only 11am and so far we’ve:

– rescued three cushions

– found a missing teddy bear

– saved Charlies left ear

– retrieved my purple jacket

– slipped on wet steps trying to catch a runaway animal with OUR breakfast in his mouth…………..

Alfie, Molly & Tiff have effectively sat and laughed their paws off at the carry on in the house as Jake woke up this morning, “Full of the joys of life”, and decided to have a mad hour or two. Charlie wasn’t laughing: it was his ear which Jake took a liking to and even Charlies very sharp claws couldn’t put the big lumox off trying to nibble this ear!

I’m shattered! By the time we’ve played “puppy”, sorted out the debris and tried to get some semblance of order into the morning so we can start work, Jake is awake again and wants more play.

Life Before Jake was SO very easy……..but life with him is such good fun: I’d like my home back to normal but wouldn’t swap him for anything. Please don’t tell him, though: he doesn’t need any encouragement!

I think I’ll take him with me today to do one of the pre christmas checkins for returning holiday villa guests. They’ll remember our LBJ – they’ve been in our home often enough enjoying a glass or two. This time, their villa in Peyia is going to have to be the venue!

Category: Cyprus Villas News