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1st January 2010

Life and other strange happenings

It would seem there was Life Before Jake and now Life With Jake. The only key differences I can see between these time points include:

– being able to sleep through the night undisturbed

– having a clean house

– not being covered in “snotties/slaver”

– feeling awake

….so things aren’t TOO bad! Except that its 5am and I’m up writing a blog when any sensible person is snuggled up in their bed, dreaming.

I love to sleep. One of the things we always insist on with the owners of the holiday villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, is that the beds are comfortable, with good linens and soft pillows. After a hard days holidaying, a person needs to feel snuggled, safe and at home – and judging by the lack of lights in the holiday villas I can see from my home, the holidaymakers here at present are all totally at peace! And thats how it should be.

LWJ has its challenges but the puppy/horse is settling down a little now: examples of his ease with us include him only eating one shoe per day now rather than his normal diet of 2 or 3. Towels are being left alone, unless we tempt him by actually using them by the pool, in which case he sees them as fair game. Clothes remain in one piece, albeit slobbered on regularly – and Alfie dog is getting used to having his ears chewed (tony empathises with this!).

This morning, we’ve had another huge step forward: Jake has stolen one of our houseguests swimming trunks and taken them for a “throw” around the pool. The positive is that Bill, our guest, wasn’t wearing them at the time. Yesterday, Alex, a friend who called in to see us, found himself being “toyed with” very passionately by Jake, who’d taken a particular liking to Alex’ shorts – with him wearing them.

Its early days! Should any villa guest not pay up, I suppose we can always send in Jake!

Anyway, he’s asleep now. Charlie is stuck in the carob tree, singing and Molly and Alfie have gone back to bed: my bed.

Tiff is around somewhere. Wonder if she’ll share her pillow with me for an hour or so?