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1st January 2010

Life and other challenges…

Am just home from a flying (literally) visit to the UK to see my Mum and my Dad (separately). Dad and his “new wife of only 46 years – it wont last” (ask my mum!) was great: he looks amazing as does Mary, his “new” wife and I had a lovely time with them
The visit was a very sad one: whilst we pray Mum will be around to terrify us all for a good long time yet, her health is terrible and she’s going to have to make a mammoth personal effort to get strong. Caring for Jim, ages 86 and completely away with the fairies, doesn’t help her but she wants to do this and we respect her choices.
Its hard to explain but their home felt “sad” and the energies, very tired and low….. Illness, old age and challenge leave a mark in the universe around us. Mum has always been like a “bright light” to us all, despite causing some interesting challenges over the years but see seemed “low voltage” and very, very down, which I know is understandable.
Life changes so quickly and unexpectedly. It was hard to stay “up” and “talk up” the great things watching the pair of them in their reality. I so wanted to change their situation but know that they, like many, many people, are simply where they are now and thats how it is.
I’m back in Cyprus now but my thoughts are in the UK with mum

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