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1st January 2010

Life and other challenges

Day four in the festively chilled household and am starting to get itchy feet. I’ve checked in only two lots of holidaymakers to villas in Coral Bay; waved goodbye to another family, leaving their apartment in Peyia after they’ve enjoyed a lovely Christmas break – and spent a great deal of time eating/dog walking/drinking/eating/dog walking – and watching “true movies”….

By now, if life were like the movies, I’ve had enough time to have:

– written a best seller

– had a profound thought that will help produce a cure for something terrible

– worked on a thesis for a university course my mum would have liked me to do

– produced the 2010 business plan…..

instead, I’ve watched weepies/rubbish/”true” stories of courage and beautiful people – and upset Susie Floozie by mixing up the labels on pressies and not realising that SHE had bought me the Jo Malone gorgeous body lotion. I’m SOOOOOOOO sorry Susie and I love you tons: of course you are the person who’d have bought me this: you know how much I love it! Thank you – and please thank M for the Sanctuary bath products. I’m so lucky to have friends like you both!!

Am listening to another of the true stories as I’m blogging: Wonder woman, (not really but Lindsay Wagner will always be Wonder Woman to me), is just about to come out of a coma in which shes been for 17 months. As if by magic, she has no roots, her make up is perfect and her nails are done.I’m TOTALLY inadequate! I only slept for 10 mins on the sofa and my eyes are like pee holes in the UK snow!!

Still, Wonder Woman is awake and I need to go and see if she remembers who tried to kill her. Its VITAL to my well being, as well as finding out who her hairdresser and makeup artists are……..

Talk soon………………

Category: Cyprus Villas News