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6th March 2021

Life and more serious matters!

It’s another stunningly beautiful day here in Peyia, Cyprus.

The sun is in the heavens, the birds are singing and the gardens are in bloom. Lockdown is still in place but slowly and surely, the promise of a new beginning is making itself known across the hillsides and the valley of Peyia – and indeed all of Cyprus.

I’ve been touched deeply today by the kindness of two people: One, a young lady who was working on the checkout at Alphamega supermarket in Peyia and the other, a dear friend of ours, who lives in Tony’s home town and who sent us an email………..

The young lady was so very kind and helpful. We wanted to join the ”sticker” collection , (we know how to live!) but I’d forgotten my glasses, so couldn’t see to programme my mobile and Tony was too busy packing the shopping to be able to help! This pretty girl calmly took control, sorted my phone, laughed with us both about failing eyesight and the desire to collect to ”win” new towels- and the shopping experience was so lovely, I wanted to stay and talk to her more: or at least contact her Mum to tell her how proud she should be of her customer facing daughter! (I’ve come home and emailed to her boss! Hope she gets a thank you!).

Tony D, our ”old” friend, emailed to us a letter he wrote to Tony’s Mum, just after the funeral of her  – and our – dear friend, Wicked William. Though William sailed to the heavens around 18 months ago, Tony D had overlooked sending us the email so it was lovely to get his letter, today.

Wicked William was everything the name suggests: funny but in a completely naughty way! Handsome, even in his nineties and very vain – and who wouldn’t be with the incredible head of non grey hair he still had to boast about! Many of our happiest memories here in Peyia, feature WW as the hero! Not least, his love of swimming and naked episodes, poolside here at our home!

The email from Tony D touched my soul. Wicked William and his wife, had been a huge part of Tony D’s life as he grew up and Tony D , a huge part of WW as he aged. That they loved and adored each other, was evident. Interestingly, the naughtiness seemed to be catching too – but that is also a story for another time.

As I’ve been working with holiday makers, rechecking their villa holiday dates, changing a few and helping sort others, the two people I’ve mentioned above, came to mind and I remembered that it’s all about people. Everything we do is about people: whether family or friends, strangers or passers by, life is all about the people and souls we touch, who touch us and who share with us moments so precious, sometimes we don’t realise what an impact they’ve made.

Thank you to Ilona in the supermarket and thank you to Tony D, for the email and the thoughts.

Thank you too, to each of you who’ve emailed to me today to ask about holidays or who’ve commented on the Facebook page – even those whose comments were a little rude to Cyprus and the world at large!

We’re all in this together – and I, for one, am very grateful for that.

Happy Saturday!

Lynn x