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29th September 2017

Life and moments

Lying awake in the middle of the night, yesterday, I was suddenly hit with the thought that the moments I was wasting worrying about things which could be resolved and those which may never happen, I suddenly got the giggles, remembering a true tale told to me by one of our dear friends, Tony D.

Readers of the blog will be aware of the magnificent, Wicked William, aged 94 and ”boyfriend” of Tony Without Teeth. Well, sadly Wicked William has had a tough year healthwise and suffered the loss of his only daughter and son in law.

He is a strong man: funny, stubborn, full of mischief and sadly, completely deaf. Deciding to plan his next Big move ie taking his angel wings, he asked our friend to go with him to the funeral parlour to book everything….

This wasn’t an easy task: Tony had to repeat everything VERY LOUDLY and Wicked William, replied EVEN MORE LOUDLY. eg “Would you like to wear a suit, sir?”, was met with, “What’s he talking about? I”ll be dead. I don’t care!”.

“What if people want to look at you to pay their respects, sir. Would you like embalming?” Tony D had to repeat ”embalming” a few times to which Wicked William replied, “Pay for bar meals? Not likely! They can buy their own food!”……

Luckily, our hero is on his way to much more robust health after being back in hospital this week so bar meals can wait – though Tony D needed the holiday he had with us !

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