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1st January 2010

Licensed to blow dry!

James Bond never had this trouble!

There we were this morning, happily snoozing in the comfort of our bed at 6am, when Jake decided to break into the room, bark loudly in Tonys ear and scare the wits out of us both!

Tony, who got the biggest fright, jumped out of bed, starkers, grabbed the hairdryer and pointed it as Jake shouting, “out, now or else!”….

Jake looked at me in amusement, looked back at Tony and sat down, so he was eyeball to fan with the “weapon”; Tony maintained his menacing stance, dryer held high- and I fell out of bed laughing at the sight of them both!

Anyway, I’ve had to get up and make us all a cuppa and breakfast. Jake is still in the room, looking at Tony very curiously and Tony is trying to get some sleep, reassuring himself that, while he isn’t cut out to be a “secret agent, licensed to, well, blow dry a monster pup!”, he can scare Molly if he shouts loud enough!

Category: Cyprus Villas News