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1st January 2010

Lets Dance!

Susie and I have taken up Yoga. ~Helped by the very beautiful and totally supple, Vanessa, we are spending Tuesday evenings at the back of Susies new mansion, trying to aline our chakras and get our ying to yang, so to speak….

Today was week two : we started with four people and tonight, there were only 2 of us – but we were fab! All was going well; we even managed to stand on one leg, arms wrapped around each other (arms not people) and didn’t fall over – but it all went horribly wrong when Vanessa said she’d teach us the “Whores Dance”.

Sue and I looked at each other and giggled. Vanessa looked taken aback. I ventured that we were probably not going to need to dance like loose women but we were interested anyway. Vanessa replied, “what does the horses stance have to do with loose women?`”…….

Oh dear! Think we’ll both need to realign our chakras and slide a cobra away from our embarrassment then hang our heads like a sitting dog……

You need to Yoga to understand – and our moves cannot be called “yoga” – nor can they be understood!

Category: Cyprus Villas News