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30th October 2015

Let the bells ring out in Cyprus!

Listening to a news bulletin from the UK today, I heard that many farmers have decided that putting bells on their cattle is outdated: they are going to start using GPS tracking chips to know where their herds are so they can find them.

I don’t like technology at the best of times but this struck me as so very sad – though I could understand the ease of finding a stray eg sheep on a rocky hillside.

One of the great joys of living here on the hill in Peyia, is listening to the hollow ring of the goat bells, as the goats make their way up the hillside – and the frantic ringing of the same bells as one of the goats decides to run and the others follow! With little traffic noise of noise of any great problem to listen to, the sound of the goat bells is so lovely and so very ‘Peyia’: we’d hate to lose this!

That said, its Friday night and i’m married to a Northern man: having just spent a week with wonderful equally northern friends, the ladies amongst us might just find a use for a GPS tracking system for our males! Lets call them a ‘sheep in male clothing’ and see if we can slip them into a herd in the UK!

If you’d like to hear the good old fashioned and very haunting sound of goat bells in Cyprus, email to me on and I’ll share availability on villas with you , like the beautiful villa Isobel on the Peyia hillside – and you’ll be able to track your special Cyprus holiday with a great set of photos and sounds!

photo goats on the road