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1st June 2019

Lemons Days and Lemonade Days…

There is a very old Cypriot tradition that says, should the ceiling of a loved ones home, shatter around you while you are staying in this home, this is a sign that the Gods of Cover are looking after you and, no matter what falls around you, you’ll be okay!

Believe that? Well , you may not but I’m hoping Tonys Aunty Carol does!

Let me explain: so I’ve cleaned the house from top to bottom. Not easy – especially with a knee brace on and little sense of humour in plus 40 degrees heat! BUT I adore Carol and Mike and my home is their home – and it’s got to be welcoming for them……. preferably with a ceiling in the kitchen, which it currently doesn’t have because it fell it just as I’d finished cleaning!

Laugh? Oh how I laughed> NOT!

Still, the generous lemon tree in our garden, shed a host of glorious lemons today which my equally generous and glorious husband, gathered up and set about making special lemonade for our family arrival tomorrow………

So the Gods may be smiling through the ceiling but the lemons will be sparkling in the lemonade – and I have gin. Lots of it!

If life has given you lemons recently, come and chill on a holiday in a villa or apartment in our fruit filled area of Cyprus. Email to for offers, recipes and names of good builders (plus lots of stories about the gods….)