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1st January 2010

Left alone in the villa…..

We’ve recovered many strange things from the villas in Coral Bay after guests have gone home. Recently, this has included:

-passports – which resulted in a mad dash to Paphos Airport so guests could go home

– pot from a broken foot! Binned!

– DVDs in players:eg Sopranos (excellent but now in the post to Melanie B.)

– Winning scratch cards from time share (binned)

– alcohol bought for presents: (hiccup!)

and most recently, Barney Boy, a much loved brown teddy bear who’ve been dumped by his so called loving family and left home alone in the villa. Discarded and sad, this poor little bear was very pleased to be rescued by me and taken to our office in Peyia to live next to me for a few days. It was tragic: he looked so sad; I couldn’t find his mummy (okay, I made that bit up coz I knew EXACTLY who’d left it but I thought I’d better let her sober up (sorry, I mean, remember where she’d left him), before I contacted her and reminded her that one of her gorgeous offsprings loved ones was pining away on the cabinet next to me.

Barney Boy is very well behaved: I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get him to spill the beans on his totally batty and totallly wonderful family – but he was keeping quiet: loyal to the end, even though they’d left him. Very touching.

Sadly for me, Barney Boy began his lonely journey home to Wales yesterday. I toyed with packing him up with a few beers and chocolate for the journey but decided to consume them on his behalf instead and just pack him gently into a Phillipos carrier bag (to remind those cold hearted Welsh people where the best shopping is) and a very comfie padded envelope. I shed a tear as I pushed him into the postmans arms – which is more than his owners did when they headed off to Paphos airport!

Bon voyage Barney Boy! Get home safely and come back soon – okay, bring that crazy lot with you if you must but I promise you I’ll double check them before they leave the next villa to make sure you are safely among the prize possessions.

Life isn’t the same without you…..

Category: Cyprus Villas News