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1st January 2010

learning to understand each other!

have just finished Tuesday night Greek class. Year 4 is so very hard and is helped only by the great classmates I have , specifically Brindusha, the wonderful wife of Father Joseph – and the fact that most of us are struggling!

Maria, our new teacher this year, is lovely. Young, vibrant and very positive – and eager to learn from us about English words and phrases that we say, that she’s never heard.

Tonight, Charles wanted to translate the phrase , ‘I’ve met my match’….which led to a huge amount of misunderstanding and debate in Russian, Greek and English. Then he made us laugh by making a phrase which had to include ‘almost’ as ‘ Once, I almost made my wife laugh!’……

Maria made us all laugh by asking what the name was of ‘the brown stuff which is in front of the sea’…… Sunbathers? Indian guests? Mud? No, sand! Lovely!

Roll on Friday class and arrivals at the beautiful Villa Stavroulla!

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