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26th August 2016

Learning to live.

I’m a Virgo and, as Leo slips away for another year, my horoscope sign is on the horizon bringing with it all of the normal September sunshine and good things this lovely month holds.

As a Virgo, I’m known for being a little OCD and very much a person who likes things , ‘neat’, ‘done’ and ‘controlled’. “The Devil is in the Detail” is one of my favourite phrases, as any of the team will tell you.

Working hard in the wonderful world of pools and holidays, means I have to work hard at home too, to keep the house clean and ready for the many visitors who come to stay with us. Shopping/cleaning/preparing/sorting seem to come almost automatically- until the wheel comes off and I’m flummoxed for a while.

My current challenge has come in the form of my niece, nephew in law, great niece, (aged 8) and great nephew, (aged 3). Not for them , any of the ‘tidy’, ‘things in their place’ and ‘don’t leave the dirty dishes! Nor do they care much for clocks or deadlines. Mornings are being spent chatting, learning about dragons, (me), exploring the garden, (all of us) and generally lounging about in swimwear, (again, all of us). Though I’m working, it’s from home, at a table surrounded by Captain America and his friend, Raven plus a supply of happy looking airplanes. Barney has sweets in his hair and Molly is sitting in the middle of a colouring book…It’s noisy, chaotic – and completely wonderful. In fact, just what the doctor ordered! I’ve remembered how to ‘sing out loud’, ‘dance like you’ve not a care in the world’ and just , ‘let go’  =and I’m so very grateful to this gorgeous party of our completely dysfunctional family, I cannot tell you. xx

Tony? Well, he’s left home! At least for an hour because one of us has to be the grown up and get some work done!

If you want family time in a villa with clean pool and lots of possibilities for fun, email to me on I’ll even visit and teach you the song about ‘”worms”!

The photo below is of our beautiful niece, Jessica, with Barney T Rubble


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