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22nd January 2016

Learning and understanding…

As an expat , who is honoured to live here in the village of Peyia , Cyprus, I’m often at a loss to understand the language, dialect and ‘rituals’ of the wonderful Cypriot people who live here in the village.

For the past 14 years during which we’ve lived here – and the 10 before than when we visited Cyprus at least once per year, we’ve continued to learn that this colourful country has it’s own ‘ways’ and its own ‘time’ – and that we should learn to accept what we need to and respect all that goes on, while still hoping to input where we feel is appropriate.

We’ve watched this village grow tremendously from one which, when we came here , was a mix of locals, refugees from the North of Cyprus and a smattering of expats. Today, those people remain but the population has been ‘coloured in’, with even more expats, many Russians and many Chinese: it’s an interesting time not least for the children of the ‘incoming population’ who now attend the local, traditionally Cypriot, village school. The great thing is, bridges will be built across cultures and people will learn to take the best of everything and make something EVEN better out of all the pieces. It’s an interesting time to live here!

Of course, it’s not only difficult for foreigners entering another country: it’s also challenging and confusing for people from different parts of the UK, to understand how every region is individual – but everything belongs together. Take today, as an example:

My middle sister , Maxine, has lived in the South of England for many years. Her children, two of whom are parents themselves now, were brought up in the South and ’round their vowels’ in the most delightful way – and certainly not with the flat twange of the rest of the family, including me, who are Geordie through and through.

Today, my sisters daughter and granddaughter , (who is called Lily May , aged 7 and delightful), flew from Southampton to Newcastle in preparation for the wedding of our baby sisters daughter, tomorrow. On arrival in Newcastle and having listened to the sing song language of the locals, Lily innocently asked her Mummy, ” Am I half English and half Geordie?”……….

People are people and aren’t worlds apart – it just feels like it, often, doesn’t it?

If you want to be ‘half Cypriot’ for your sunshine holiday; to enjoy some colourful culture, hot sunny days and the warmest of welcomes, email to us on . I’m a Geordie by birth but speak the ‘language of valueful villa holidays ‘ and will be happy to help you!

Kali Nichta Pet!photo The Thinking Stepnichta Pet!