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1st January 2010

Leap year lore

So here we are on the 29th February: the day on which women have freedom to propose marriage to men – and men are supposed to compensate any woman they spurn, with jewels and gifts.

Its also my baby sisters 4th Wedding Anniversary. Though she and John have been married 16 years, technically this is their 4th celebration!

I love this day: its a sort of “spare day”, “one extra” so to speak – and, as such, is decreed to be one without rules of any kind.

I’ve celebrated by:

= eating chocolate (coz calories cannot count on a day which isn’t “real”)

= eating crisps (see above)

– doing next to nothing (well, I haven’t really consumed calories, so there was no reason to work any off, was there?)

– debating a problem: if someone arrives on holiday today, to stay for one week, so they go back in 7 days time or in 6, because you cannot count today really, can you?

And also, can married women, “un”-propose to their husbands and get their freedom, giving spurned men beer and crisps in compensation for being freed?

If a baby is born today, is it really? Can it age every 4 years and will its skin/organs wrinkle more slowly than they would do had it not been born today?

What would you rather be or a wasp?

Who cares: its Friday!

Happy Leap Year!

Category: Cyprus Villas News