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8th May 2012

Leading a-stray

Molly mou has been very naughty today. Stotts, the stray cat who is trying very hard to be my ‘new best friend’ but who Charlie cat hates, has been trying to come into the house and eat

Molly is on duty, guarding the doors and windows, ably assisted by her big brother, Jake who, having been sedated yesterday to have some tests run on him, is a little unsteady on his paws today.

I’m cross with all of them: Stotts is sweet though a little crazy: I mean, who would honestly try to come into a room filled with animals – even just filled with Jake?!

Have sat Molly and Jake down and read them the riot act, reminding them that they too, were strays and were welcomed into our home – and that just maybe Stotts has had a bad upbringing and needs love and affection………

Molly couldn’t care less: she hates him. Charlie has strutted off next door to tell his woes to his mate, Gus – but Jake looks like he’s listened. He’s put his knives down and has promised to only bite Stotts, ‘a little bit’……………

and there are arrivals to beautiful holiday villas in Coral Bay and Peyia to do, so am going to have to leave them home alone! Oh dear…..wonder if Stotts will come with me so at least I know he is safe?