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1st January 2010

Law and love…..

The Cypriot authorities have, rightly, begun to clamp down on people who are here without visas permitting them to be – and people who are working without being registered to work/not paying taxes.

The economy is so very bad, there are few jobs to go around and the government are now ensuring a more fair playing field ie clamping down on the cash workers who undercut those who have to pay social security and taxes.

Its definitely what should happen but it has some painful consequences: One of the loveliest ladies we’ll ever meet, has been deported to the Philippines. She apparently hadn’t renewed her visa or wasn’t able to – so she was classed as illegal and sent home.

She is a mother to 4 girls and has been here purely to make money to send home for them , to help their education and start in life. She’s not been home for 7 years and has missed so much of her daughters life: its heartbreaking for her and her family but this is the way some people have to live. Her children were left with her mother, their grandmother so were cared for but this lady needs to be with them . Life is so very short.

The only consolation in Peyia losing her beautiful spirit and gentleness is that her family are getting her home. I would love to have seen the reunion they had and I pray that they now love and look after her,as she deserves. Her love for them kept her working here. Lets hope their love for her, mends her broken spirit in being so coldly dismissed by the country whose people were very glad to use her services.

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