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1st January 2010

Laugh? The tears are falling……

Once upon a time, a stupid, emotional almost 51 year old childless lady believed she was having a baby… at last, she cried!

So strongly did she believe this theory, that for the past 3 months, she’d planned the way things would work out in terms of eg home, work and life in general – and even mused over names.

Suddenly not wanting to “kill” her husband, she’d looked at him lovingly and thought how lovely it would be to have a baby who, looked like him, thought like him, spoke like him and adored him (and her)………then the real world cut in:
Deciding the time was right to tell aforementioned adored husband that a baby was coming, the real world stepped in, revealed the truth of hormonal middle age and ripped away the veil of daydreams and hopes, providing only a pawltry supply of “extra” hormones to help balance the problem and take away the daydreams…..

Soooo, dear reader, in place of dillusional woman mentioned above, is a soon to be 51 year old, hormonally charged and completely crazy female weilding a broken heart (well, not exactly!) and creating new dreams – but coming with the disclaimer that, “It wasn’t me, it was the tablets”!
Scared? You should be!

and finally, in true fairy tale style, adored husband is keeping a low profile, just in case his demeanor inspires a reaction from his dillusional Mrs!
50 is fun, isn’t it? xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News