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1st September 2014

Laugh? I nearly blew another fuse!

About two weeks ago, Tony and I hosted a huge drunken BBQ at home in Peyia, for our wonderful team. It was a great night: too many beers/lots of stories/more wine and many hangovers – and in the middle of it all, my oven ‘blew up’ which meant we were entirely reliant on the BBQ and happily so!

Being a lady of vision, I’ve been able to adapt by not having a working oven by , erm , having salads and more salads and salads with jacket potatoes ( in the microwave) and even salads with ‘stuff’ done on the BBQ – but its all got to healthy for Tony who today, called in Petros, the man whose brother sold us the oven and the man ‘with the tool (!)’ to be able to fix it.

Only he cannot.

And he’s had to take the whole double oven away and it wont be back for approx. a week. So it looks like we’re back on salads with ‘innovative ‘stuff’ like beans in a pan on the BBQ!

As Petros left, carrying the ‘dead’ oven with him, I tried to explain to him that the iron was in love with the oven and couldn’t cope with being left here alone without its great love- so could he take the iron too? In the way only a Cypriot man can, he dismissed my comment with a snort and slammed his van door shut.

So ‘iron’ is left desolate without ‘oven’ and we’re eating yet more salad, washed down with wine (me) and tea ( Tony).


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