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1st January 2010


Its been a lovely day here. The weaher is getting hotter and hotter with an anticipated 42 degrees tomorrow, so we’re all baking and having to advise the villas guests in Coral Bay and Peyia, to take it easy. Of course, this falls on deaf ears as part of the joy of being on this wonderful island is being able to have the sun “kiss” the skin , leaving it golden brown. (Sadly, on the first few days the sun seems to have a very boisterous snogging session with the unprepared white bodies, leaving them red and sore!).

Tony and I thought it would be a good idea to take the dogs to the sea this mornng and let them have a swim to cool down a bit. Ably assisted by Sue and Ray, who are now living here in Peyia, we all pottered along the cliff tops of Coral Bay and climbed down to the rock pools to paddle.

Molly was straight into the water: her “engines” started as soon as she saw the clear, welcoming pools : tail began to do circles; ears flapped up and down and her little legs started revving up! So we let her go and laughed as she did happy circles in the shallow end. Not to be outdone, Alfie jumped in to a deeper part and, in his casual way, gently and elegantly moved through the water…..

Jake was having none of it and looked at his brother and sister as if they’d lost the plot completely. We were worried that he’d pull Tony into the water in a rush to join Alfie but he just stood and looked and made no attempt to move at all!

So much for cooling down!

Molly dries herself on the sandy rocks, so we had to rush home to bath her before she set like concrete! Tony got the hosepipe out and gave Alfie, Jake and me, a good old hose down. Molly had a girlie pamper bath, as she should – but went straight back into the garden to rub herself on the mud and bushes!!

Yes, its only been 2 days since their official doggy pamper session……but they love the sea: or at least the older dogs do! Puppy Jake (10.5 stones and 19 months) has a lot to learn……

Category: Cyprus Villas News