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1st January 2010

“Knowing” and STILL doing it!

Tony was in The Mill watching the Boxing Day match so I stayed at home, snuggled up with the animals and lots of chocolate – and made the mistake of watching “The Knowing”….

BIG mistake! Great movie and interesting but I’ve slept the sleep of the undead, dreaming that the villa in Coral Bay, where our guests arrive today, was “beamed” up to Mars because a rival company from the outer limits wanted to steal the furnishings. Then the Baxi Bermunda (?) fireplace in my (late) Nannas house, began to spit fire through the picture hooks but our team were all in the pub with Tony so weren’t able to put the fire out – but my Nanna just said, “Never mind, Pet: have another rock bun!”…….

I’m shattered! And I need to get suited and booted, smile in place to go and checkout some lucky people who’ve spent Christmas in the Peyia sunshine, in an apartment which would have the most stunning views of the end of the universe if Nicholas Cage was to be believed last night.

Think I’ll watch Bambi tonight. Or Shrek .
No, on second thoughts, I saw enough ugly green monsters at the end of our Christmas bash, to last me a lifetime!……(I blame the water at the end of the night) x

Category: Cyprus Villas News