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1st January 2010

Knee need for that, hinny!

Its a Geordie thing and I blame Susie Floozy totally……, Tony and I went for our daily, get-you-thin-instantly-then-come-home-and-eat-more walks, so I wore training shoes.

I NEVER wear training shoes
Not even when we walk miles and miles
But I’ve wrecked my other shoes so today I wore them, egged on by Susie Fs many words of wisdom in my head, each about wearing training shoes (she is very fit and walks millions of miles)…..

So I wore them
and I fell over. In fact, almost did a ‘screen run’ down one of the hills, skidding down most of the way on my left knee, which was exposed coz I was wearing shorts because its 23 degrees today.

I’m NOT happy. My knee looks like my 7 year old knees did when I lived in Hebburn and always fell over (Note for Tony: I always fell over when I was under the age of 15 and I’ve never SEEN a glass of wine then).

So my outfit for tomorrow night is ruined ie my training shoes are scuffed and damaged and I was going to wear them just to give Susie F a good laugh.

Well, she and The Great Raymondodoulou can giggle at the state of my knee instead. Will cover it tonight before I go to do the checkin at one of the villas in Coral Bay.

Category: Cyprus Villas News