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9th February 2012

Klingons on the starboard bow?

Well, not really but Tony and I were clinging on to port and starboard over the past two days as we took our RYA Level Two speedboat exams with the wonderful Chris, the instructor at Crystal Marine in Latchi..

In truth, Tony was at ease from the go get: it was me making everyone on board, nervous! Chris is a fantastic instructor: patient, thorough and professional but I felt he’d met his nemesis with us as we joked (with nerves), mistakenly undertook the manoeouvers and enthusiastically ‘drowned’ the buoy whose life we had to save………

Still , all is well which ends well and the two days did end well with both Tony and I passing our test – and Chris looking like he’d pass out with the relief of the two days coming to an end!

It takes great courage to teach anything – but it takes greater courage to teach a husband and wife who are, at best, competitive with each other and ,at worst, out to embarrass the other. The latter is my forte and I’m eternally grateful for Tonys patience. Luckily, he’s a natural and dealt with the two days with ease.

I think the RYA should award Chris something very special for his style, grace and excellent teaching skills – like a special dispensation NEVER to have to deal with couples again!

Go on: get trained and get on the water. Email and do an RYA course- or just get Chris and Jo to take you out on a pleasure day trip. Great fun and real life, but not as you’ve tried it yet!

Category: Cyprus Villas News