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10th February 2018

kitchen chaos

There is something very comforting about the chaos in our kitchen in the mornings.

With dogs to feed, cups of tea needed and each of us wanting something different for breakfast, the space we have in between the seemingly too few cupboards, feels like it’s teeming with ”bodies” and ”stuff”.

Part of the reason is, of course, Barney T Rubble. At 65 kilos and the size of a small settee, he lies in the middle of the room, JUST in case we forget he’s there- and close enough to the toaster to catch anything which may ,”pop” out and head in his directions.

Add Molly, almost 17 years old, deaf but fast, running between pairs of legs – particularly when you have a hot cup of tea in hand – and the chaos magnifies!

Funnily enough, once all are fed and watered, they all disappear and I have the space to clean up and do the dishes – without interruption or assistance. Funny that!

Thankfully , the villas and apartments have good size kitchens and no hot or cold running animals, so are pleasant, welcoming and well equipped – so if you are thinking of sunshine streaming in through the kitchen window, book the whole villa or apartment with us. Email for offers to