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1st January 2010

King Kitten Korner

Our offices are on the main road into Peyia, just pass the new gym and the kiosk. We are set slightly back from the road, on a corner and have quite a large paved area around the whole shop.

Sam, the Eating Monster and I , can see the world of Peyia from the patio windows which are on every wall – and lately, we’ve been watching the antics of ‘king kitten’ who seems to have moved into the house behind us and who, twice a day around 11am and 2.30 pm, ‘patrols’ the offices and stops at the same point to stare into the window and see what we are doing.

He struts around like ‘king of the corner’ and won’t let us near him – though he stays close enough to watch everything.

We are wondering if he wants to book a holiday villa in Peyia for his many relatives from Nicosia – or if he’s after Sams biscuits…..either way, he’s cute and makes us laugh – though not when he runs across the main road, making the cars stop for him!

Category: Cyprus Villas News