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11th March 2017

Kindness in Peyia

Today has been a day of being reminded of the true meaning of kindness and the true meaning of ”community”. Let me explain……. an English family, living in the old part of Peyia village, where most of the residents are Cypriots whose families live close together, are facing the toughest battle of their lives: the fight against cancer, which has just been diagnosed in Paul, the husband and father.

This family are one of the most loving, caring and ”good” family’s ; ie ”good” in the real sense of the word ie honest, loving, hard working, close, loving and decent. They are rich in love but simply have nothing in terms of material wealth or possessions.

Since the cancer diagnosis, a couple of weeks ago, the villagers of Peyia, the family’s friends and relatives, are all pulling together to raise funds to help this battle, so there is some means of trying to live for them while they work through helping Paul .

There’s nothing unusual about people helping out but two incredible kindnesses have been shown to Shanie , Paul and their family- and it’s just wonderful. One of their neighbours, a 96 year old lady, died this week. The tradition here is to bury a loved one within 24 hours with everyone bringing flowers to the church. The family of this lady, however, decided that Shanie and Paul were in need so , with their grandmothers blessing given before she passed away, no flowers were taken to the Church  – instead family and friends were asked to donate the money they would have spent on flowers, to Shanie and Paul.

Then the new Mayor of Peyia, only weeks into his exceptionally difficult work, has contacted Shanie, invited her to lunch and offered any help he/the village can give to her……….such a wonderful gesture which so few people will ever know about but it reveals the measure of the man who is Mayor.

These are only two examples of many, many kindnesses – and Shanie and Paul are, sadly, only one example of families fighting against cancer: as is ours too.

Kindness: it costs nothing to show this and is priceless to the recipient. Today, am so very proud to live in the village of Peyia where kindness seems to REALLY come from the heart.

If you would like to help Shanie and her family, please checkout Facebook, Shanie Fisher and follow the ”just giving ” link on the page.

Thank  you.

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