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13th March 2018

kindness ..

In a busy world where we are all working hard, whether employed or not, it’s so good to take a moment now and again to show a little kindness, isn’t it?

I’ve learned the past few days, that it’s so special to be on the receiving end of a kindness too: in fact, I cannot find words to say how special it is to be given an unexpected gift which lifts your heart in a way you didn’t expect.

On Mothers Day, despite not being lucky enough to have had children, I was so very touched to receive a bouquet and card from my  ”adopted” Cyprus family. They are so precious to me and so very loving too , I try to ”watch over them” and help where  I can but in truth, I could never do enough to repay all they give to me just by sharing in their day to day life.

Today, I’m gobsmacked by a kindness: Mary, the lovely wife of John, with whom we do work locally in Peyia, has called into the office to tell me that she is enjoying some writing I’m doing for our village. I love to write but never expect anyone to read it- and that Mary has not only read it but loved it AND come to tell me this, is overwhelming! Thank you so much Mary!

I’m so happy, I’m inspired to be even kinder – and I’ll start by offering great offers on holiday villas with pools and apartments in great locations! Email to