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7th October 2011

Keeping the wheels in motion?

Sue and Keith, Tony and I went to Kathikas last night to the wonderful Arousas Taverna to share a meze. We had such good fun, sharing stories about the past, both shared and individual – and we had a good giggle.
One of my favourite stories was about Sue and Keiths best friends, who have to remain anonymous due to the nature of the story – but Lynn and Eddie, we know who you are!
Apparently, when they were first married, Eddie explained to Lynn that the reason their loved, old car didn’t work from time to time, was that the “fuff fuff valve” wasn’t working!
Lynn loved, trusted and believed Eddie – and eventually spoke to a mechanic about repairing her Fuff Fuff Valve…………
Lovely! x

Category: Cyprus Villas News