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1st January 2010

Just walking the dogs……

I was just telling one of our villa customers who is staying in the beautiful villa Garlands, how funny it is just walking our dogs.

Each of the three of them are so very different. Molly has to stay on her lead as she has two speeds: stop and run away as fast as you can. Alfie is a dream and doesn’t need a lead. Police dog trained, he comes to command and behaves like a perfect dog, wherever he is, often helping us “collect” the other two.
Jake is a completely different story: 70 kilos of totally independent monster pup but put a lead on him and tell him he’s a “well mannered dog” and he is – for around 5 minutes! Then he wants to chase the cats, or hide from the birds, or just sit and look at the sky (which makes it impossible to move him at all as he’s so very heavy).

Add Charlie cat to the mix, (he often follows us up the hill and hides in the bushes, ready to jump out at Alfie or Molly) and a simple dog walk can be a very interesting and challenging occasion!

Its hunting season now too, so there are many stray hunting dogs on the hill. We have to check carefully before we go out, that there are none on our route. Were we to meet one, Molly would shout at them, Jake would kiss them and want to play – and, surprisingly, Alfie would want to fight!

At least we’ve the strong cuppa to look forward to when the stress of the adventure is over each morning!

Category: Cyprus Villas News