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25th February 2020

Just sitting in the sunshine of Peyia!

It’s a truly beautiful day here in Peyia with 18 degrees of wall to wall sunshine and incredible blue skies. How lucky are we to live here?

I’m working from home this morning , quietly processing the many bookings for holidays villas in Coral Bay and Peyia and decided to take an hour out and walk with Barney T Rubble up the hillside onto the gorgeous open ground of , ”story telling rocks” and lush green meadow grass.

Barney was very happy to have my total attention : I think he sometimes gets bored hearing how much I love the holiday villas in Coral bay and Peyia – but he was happy to ”saddle up” and step outside into the fresh air.

Having checked there were no ,” intruder cats” in the pump house under our home, he and I set off happily, taking in the sites….

What I hadn’t realised was that we each had a different intention: mine was to walk and enjoy the air; Barney’s was to find a spot as close to our neighbours house as possible and sit down. Preferably  in the middle of the road so no-one could drive past and pretend to be an immovable object.

Guess who succeeded? Have you ever tried to move 65 kilos of hairy , obstinate animal! This dog was NOT for walking! So, what to do? Sit down with him and take in the sunshine…..

Home to more enquiries, life has resumed happily. I’m booking out the holiday villas in Coral Bay and Peyia and Barney is patrolling the front of the house, too quickly at times but he’s got a job to do, it seems!

If you’d like to book your holiday villa in Coral Bay or Peyia, don’t sit around. Email to me today: bookings are coming in FAST!