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27th November 2018

Just pulling your leg!

Thank god, Tony’s foot is so very much better. He’s been signed off by the hospital now after 14 weeks of weekly visits and he is able to wear a sock and training shoe at long last!

Though walking ”normally”, isn’t possible quite yet, he’s well on the way there!

The only downside is that I have to help him with daily physio, which involves my pushing and pulling his toes then gently massaging the soles of his feet. Not terrible but not exactly how Tony would like me to spend my time as he HATES his feet being touched!

Anyway, on Sunday, having dragged him around the wonderful Peyia Christmas market, I made him a cuppa and sat down to give his foot some attention. Singing, “This little piggy went to market,”, I tried to make him laugh – and got told, “ Wife! Foot. Off”…..

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