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16th January 2020

Just not black and white!

I just love colour!

Our home is filled with colours and sparkles and stuff and – well, more colour! It drives Tony mad that I like every area of the house to be filled with ”happy ” colours and things. He’s much  more sensible and would have everything uniform and neutral – but that’s not how it is going to being be!

Yesterday, we went supermarket shopping and I forgot the list of groceries we needed because there are THE most vibrant and happy, burnt orange rug with pom poms on either end – and I just had to have it! It was in the sale and cost us only 2 x packs of chicken breasts and some bread, plus my points – so was a bargain!

Shopping trip had to end quickly because I needed to get home and place this rug where it was born to be! Right in front of the multi coloured sparkly sofa, where Barney promptly lay on it and takes up all the colour bar the pom poms!

Today, I was so happy rushing down to the kitchen so see the rug , ”smiling’ at me! It’s gorgeous! Like a blast of sunshine in the month of January.

Tony came downstairs wearing sunglasses and grumping something about all the colours and stuff. “Talk to the Pom Poms”,, I thought to myself….

Luckily, the villa owners have much better taste than I and the villas are furnished beautifully, elegantly and with gentle calm…..though I’ve seen some sparkly cushions which would look simply stunning in one of them….watch this space!

Come and enjoy a holiday in a pretty and calming rental villa with private pool. All pools come in clean, blue!

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