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1st January 2010

Just desserts?

Tony and I had a very sad, hurtful conversation tonight about Alfie dog. He’s been poorly for a while but is totally contrary: eg he runs and jumps in the mornings, eats like a horse, wags his tail whenever we speak but has big trouble with ongoing infections and hair loss. He is the “gentleman dog” and it breaks my heart to think he may be in pain – even though I think he’ll “tell me” when he’s had enough!

Tonight, on our way back from work, I was asking tony if he thought Alfies “time” may be coming and I got very upset.

Walking into our home in Peyia a few minutes later, Alfie greeted me with such gusto, jumping to kiss and cuddle me, that he has chipped my front tooth, caught the end of my nose with his teeth and head butted me on the bridge of the nose…….

So, am sitting here with a cold compress on my nose to try to stop the bleeding – and I’m sure Alfie is giving me the paw and telling me to trust him, he’ll let me know.

It hurts a lot but this pain now is physical and I’ll have a shiner in the morning! Hope the guests am checking in tomorrow night to an apartment in Peyia, don’t think I’ve had a fight!

Category: Cyprus Villas News