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13th February 2021

Just a small glass please!

I’ve just enjoyed my daily Facetime chat with my Mum, who lives in Northumberland.

She isn’t well at all at the moment and it’s a huge worry to my sister and I , that she lives alone and refuses outside help but she is her own person and will do things her own way.

Plus, we are both terrified of her so wouldn’t dare go against her!

We chat about stuff and nonsense: normally starting with sharing bits from the newspaper then progressing to great family memories and stories. I’ve learned so much from her these past fews weeks, it’s amazing.

Our Mum, my sisters and I are very alike. Our late sister, Maxine was probably the most well behaved of all of us but we all have a penchant for white wine.

And Gin and Tonic.

And lager!

Typical North Eastern girls, we’ve not progressed to bubbles though we accept them graciously if offered!

Anyway, Mum shouldn’t really be drinking anything at the moment but try to tell that to a very strong willed 77 year old! She is ”allowed” a couple of glasses, which my baby sister pours and leaves for her as Mum is immobile now .

Mum is nothing if not resourceful. I had to laugh today as she was telling me about the vase of tulips in her lounge. Another thing we all share, is a love of flowers! She was saying that the tulips began to wilt so she gave them half of her glass of wine – and they perked up beautifully!

Next she was telling me that she’d like to be surrounded by flowers for her forthcoming March birthday – and I could see the scene . Flowers everywhere, some starting to tire of the heat in the apartment and my Mum asking my beautiful baby sister to leave many glasses of wine, ready poured – because the flowers needed them!

You have to laugh!

Still, if her pleasure is a glass or four of wine and she’s sat down and still, anyway, what is the harm? Probably a lot but there is no telling her!

Have a lovely weekend. Hope your loved ones and you , are safe and well.


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