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28th January 2017

Jumps in her tummy

Molly Mou is almost 15 and starting to get very tired. Still full of love and tormenting her big brother, Barney T Rubble, it’s sad to watch her now struggle to do the many things she would do every day – but it’s the same for people as for doggies.

This past week, as the weather in Cyprus has been getting colder and the fires in our home have been blazing, Molly has been very happy to snuggle in front of the fire – or try to jump on the settee to sit with one of her ”people”. If Tony and I are there, we will welcome her attempts at jumping up and simply put out our hands, pretending we aren’t cuddling her and helping her. The heartbreak comes from not being close enough to the settee and hearing her cry as she jumps and misses or worse, cannot jump at all

I’ve had a serious talk to her today: she has obviously got about 10 good jumps in her tummy per day, to use up. So I’ve told her to be frugal and use them ONLY when a person isn’t there to help her and ONLY when she really wants to be on the settee ie sometimes she jumps up just to jump back down again

I figure, this is her ”paws money” – and what she spends, we’ll make up to her a million times over for as long as she wants us to x