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11th April 2012

Joe Bloggs……..

Tony, The Great Raymondodoulou, Alex and Liz and I had a long in depth chat about the blogs, yesterday, while helping to boost the profits of The Mill…. seems my friends love being featured on the blog, especially when they’ve said something quick and funny but don’t like to be featured at the same time! Confused, you will be!

TGR doesn’t suffer this though: he loves the fame and is now a legend in his own lunchtime, such is the following around the Peyia area and beyond.

Tony was telling Alex that a lady was in The Mill recently asking Tony how I made up the characters on the blog – and Tony explained they were all real and pointed out The Great Raymondodoulou to the lady…..

She was overcome and practically fainted.
‘He’s so handsome’, she said.
‘No, not that one’, said Tony, ‘the tall man on the other side’…..

‘oh’ she said – and left The Mill.

TGR, like most of us, has a great face for radio!

(Tee hee – thats called getting my own back!) x
Blog on!

Category: Cyprus Villas News