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1st January 2010

Jakes song………….

We had a huge storm last night: major thunder and lightning storms and lashing rain. It was totally wonderful!

Jake, Alfie and Molly didn’t think so: they all climbed into our bed and watched the skies from there while Tony and I sat in awe – and Tony tried to take photos of the skies as the lightning broke…….

When our bedtime came, the dogs weren’t prepared to move because of the noise from the skies. A compromise was reached by allowing them to stay in our room but sleep on the floor. This was fine for a while till Jake decided he preferred the comfort of the settee in the lounge, so he relocated to the comfort!

This morning, I asked Jake if he was okay and got a lovely, “singing howl” from him – which is his way of telling us that he is happy. The day before yesterday, we got three “sings” in a row, accompanied by his ears going sideways and him showing us his “happy face”. Its a joy to see!

Alfie looked at me when I was being sung to and gave a huge sigh which I later realised , translated as, “You may think hes great now mother but just wait till you see what he has done downstairs…………………”

If he does what he did downstairs again, he’ll be singing another tune coz he’ll be pulled up by the short and curlies – but he’s just SO cute!!

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