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1st January 2010

Jakes plums…….

Like many responsible animal owners, we’ve had all of the animals neutered to ensure that they won’t be, erm, doing things that will lead to more animals (who of course, I’d end up keeping coz I couldn’t part with anyone in my family etc….!).

Anyway, Jake was “done” a month after we got him to settle him down and for the above reasons. Whilst it hasn’t settled him down, neither has it stopped him doing naughty things! Well, not of the biological type yet anyway!!

This morning, Jake decided to steal some fruit that children of our friends had brought to the house. Standing on his back legs, he was able to reach the fruit bowl at the back of the worktop and grab some fruit.

“Look”, shouted Harry aged 8 years old, “Jake has got a couple of plums….”

“No”, said Tony, “Actually he hasn’t………..” Harry just looked confused and the friends and I laughed.

Rhona, our friend , has a theory that, if we took Jakes plums, he’s got every right to take ours! An eye for an eye and all that……

Category: Cyprus Villas News