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1st January 2010

Jake Unplugged

Well, the dreaded day for Jake has been and gone. Not only was it more involved than expected, eg he needed blood tests pre op, then had to come home to rest before going back for the op but he decided to go back to sleep after the op, in the vets clinic and had to be carried home wrapped in a very large blanket, carried by equally large men! He must weigh around 140kilos.

The first night was tough: for him and for the rest of us. Molly made it her personal duty to look after me, which meant wherever I was, she was – and as I was running around trying to stop Jake from falling over and falling asleep in eg his water bowl, Mollys best and loving intentions made life very difficult!

The pup came home wearing a huge collar to stop him “checking out” his stapled parts! The side effect of this was that he could be heard around Peyia village, bumping into everything in his way. In fact, he took Charlie kitten, part of Alfies fur and an ornament with him at one point.

Molly, Jake and I “slept” (ha – ha!) in the downstairs bedroom – and Jake spent the night head-butting the furniture to try to get the collar off! Then, at 7.20am when the world was beginning to wake up and holiday villa guests in Coral Bay needed to see us, Jake fell asleep!

Its now day two after the op and Jake is good as new – minus a couple of functioning parts of his anatomy! He is full of fun and adventure; has had sausages for breakfast and lunch – and ran off with the hot water bottle (disguised as a teddy – the bottle, not Jake), and took it to the pool where it is now floating merrily on the waterbed.

Alfie is respecting Jakes injury – and biting his leg instead of his back end!

Charlie loves the fact that Jake was a little slow for a day or so – and has been scratching his nose regularly!

Today however, Jake is really enjoying himself and feeling much better. He seems to have a sense that we “owe him” – so far today, he’s stolen ironing, the food shopping – and the plug from the downstairs shower room!

Its been an experience! Not that the villa holiday makers would know we’ve not been sleeping! The great thing about living in permanent sunshine is that you HAVE to wear shades! And the guests arriving at night are too excited by the lure of the lights of Coral Bay to care about our welcoming though tired faces!

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