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1st January 2010

Jake says, “please rain on my parade!”

Its pouring down here today in Peyia. The skies are heavy and threatening more water to follow. The gods of thunder and lightning are fighting a huge battle – and Jake is loving it!

Not for him, the morning climb into our bed with the rest of the animal gang: no, once he’d got his morning cuddle and song out of the way, he was off to patrol his grounds and get as wet as he possibly could.

Which is great, except he then comes back in and wants more cuddles, seeming to be oblivious to how wet his coat is and the mess he makes as he trundles through the lounge!

Molly and Charlie are curled up in front of the fire and Alfie is safely in his corner, next to a radiator.

We don’t get days like this often here in our Cyprus paradise but when we do, its totally lovely – if you are indoors!

(and still in your pjs- which reminds me: MUST GET DRESSED!!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News