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1st January 2010

Jake is in a whirl!

At this time of the busy holiday season, its hard to get a good nights sleep. Working office all day then meeting lovely villa holidaymakers at night, flight delays mean we catch a couple of hours here and there – only to be interrupted by calls for taxis/late flights and tipsy customers!

Its great fun but when we get the chance to sleep, do we need it!….

Our challenge is to explain this to our furry family. For example, Molly likes to sleep on my feet and she snores for Cyprus, so once she wakes me, I’m doomed. Charlie, who is having a huge fight with the Big Black Bad Cat on the hill, has taken to hurling himself through our bedroom window in the early hours -but BBBC still thinks he can sit on the back wall and scream for Charlie to come and do battle – which wakes us up!

Last night, Big Bad Black Cat brought his trainee, the little black and white cat who doesn’t understand that Jake and Alfie are dogs and DONT like cats – they simply tolerate Charlie as “one of their family”. So the twosome came into our back garden around 3am and Jake went out to chase them. Round and round they ran, the cats being more nimble than Jake the lummox. Unfortunately for Jake, our whirly gig has lost a string which hangs down from the others and this naughty line, caught Jake and began to wrap itself around his back end and legs as he ran round and round and round.

The inevitable happened: Jake was totally tied up; very unhappy about it; cats ran off laughing – and we were woken up by jake crying to be set free!

“To sleep and yet to dream…..” Oh for the pleasure of being able to sleep long enough to dream!!