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1st January 2010

Jake Imelda Marcus Bell

I had to go to see our accountant today about the VAT for the half year. (Interesting , isn’t it? Things as sensible as VAT returns aren’t supposed to happen in sunny paradise – but they do!).

Anyway, the meeting was fine so to celebrate, I decided to buy Jake some pressies coz he’s been such a good puppy and is settling in so well , (apart from terrorising Charly; biting Alfies tail and stealing Mollys biscuits- oh and nearly killing Tiff who was hiding in the bookcase….)……

I got back to the office very proud of myself because I’d picked up 6 new toys for Jake for only 72 euros! Showing them to Tony, when he returned from seeing the guests in one of the villas in Coral Bay, he wasn’t too impressed with me and said, “Lynn, these are three pairs of new shoes for you: what has Jake got to do with them?”

So I explained to my lovely husband, that he needed to see the bigger picture: that , by my wearing such pretty (cheap!) but new shoes, Jake would begin to get interested in them and would, (eventually), when I got sick of wearing them, or when he was able to steal them, (which is more likely), be able to chew them! which made the odds against Jake chewing Tonys own shoes, even greater than they currently were – so I was doing him a HUGE favour!

So they were in fact, 6 new toys for Jake! Or two each for the 3 dogs. Or three pairs of shoes for me. Or a great reason for Tony to take me out coz my feet looked good! Or a good reason for me to get changed into something that matched them….

OR, an even better reason for me to buy something new to wear to match the new shoes! Oh, happy days! Best I step out and do that tomorrow!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News