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2nd June 2011

Jacks coming of age!

My baby sisters gorgeous son Jack, was 18 on the 1st Feb. Don’t know what happened to the birthday blog I uploaded coz its disappeared but suspect it has something to do with Jack, who is shy and someone “magiced it away”….

Jack is wonderful: a total computer guru, his birthday desire was to either go to Amsterdam to meet “naughty ladies” or to come here to Paphos and go to Fat mamas. Sadly the restaurant is closed until the beginning of April – and Amsterdam “naughty ladies” were on strike – or so his Mum told him

As Jack lives in Newcastle, I’d have thought he wouldnt’ have too much trouble meeting “naughty ladies”. Whilst the ones I know have never taken up the profession of those in Amsterdam, they are still a little mischievous…..

I should know: my sisters and I are three of them!!

Happy Belated Birthday Jack! Here’s to the world bringing you all you wish for – except flight tickets to Amsterdam!

Category: Cyprus Villas News