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1st January 2010

I’ve lost the plot!

We’re selling land and designing and building (or project managing the process), villas in the Coral Bay and Peyia area of Cyprus. It all began when we accidentally came across three prime pieces of land: two in Coral Bay, within walking distance of the resort – and one gorgeous piece in Peyia. We put two sets of friends and one couple of villa guests in touch with the owners of these plots and now the people are the proud owners of wonderful, individual villas in Coral Bay – which are worth a fortune!

The villa in Peyia is my favourite: its due for completion by Christmas 08 and I cannot wait. The owners are totally lovely people and I’m already planning to go their for dinner – regularly! Do they know? Who cares!! (Course they do!)

Anyway, we’ve decided to now formalise the process and have made a list of the good pieces of land in the area which represent excellent value for money and would house a good size, individually designed villa. Well, we’ve made a list of all bar one of the pieces of land we’ve found but I seem to have misplaced the details for the last one!

“I’ve lost the plot” , I told Tony this morning. “Tell me about it!”, he replied, unhelpfully.

I know where the plot is – but I’ve “put in a safe place”, the owners number and email address.

Not to worry, everyone is someones cousin here in Peyia , so within hours, I’m sure the jungle drums will return to me, the relevant contact numbers. Hope so: we’ve 4 lots of people to meet tomorrow who want to design and build their own homes now they’ve seen just how good value for money this is when compared to buying “off plan”.

Better go and search through my safe places again, just in case I missed the number first time around (or 30th!).

Enjoy Friday evening!

Category: Cyprus Villas News