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1st January 2010

Its not what you say, its how you say it!

Lesson 5 in Greek Cypriot now complete and I can honestly say I’m more confused than ever – or should that be “ener” seeing as “v” in “n” and “i” is “Y” and “I am completely losing control of my faculties!”.

I should have known: when I was in senior school, all those years ago, I loved language and studied French, German and Latin , with enthusiasm and the eagerness of the ignorant. Now, many centuries later, I can recall helpful phrases for Europe which include:

“The feather in the hat of my aunt” (in French)

“The post office is near the bakery” (also French but obsolete as superstores now do everything under one roof)

“come and share coffee and cake with me ” (German – but it should translate as, ” With me to share coffee and cake you will”…..

“Kugelschrieber” – a ballpoint pen in German!

And “Bustenhalter” – also German and would be fine if I had the sort of cleavage which demanded any sort of “Halter”!

So, now to greek and I can you that “Helen is from Athens but now lives in Peyia”. “She has 3 children”. “She is a teacher” (actually, she is a sales director but I cannot pronounce that term!).

I can “Oo”, “Ng” and “Zt” with the best of them – and I know that I am “padremeni” – married – so thats important too.

When I’ll ever get to the point when I can converse properly, I’ll be very old and we’ll all be speaking Esperanto – “Which fine by moi est parceque Ich bin ena Star de Rock oder etwas est passing thro Oramous!” (Or mine).

* Oramous is the sky – just in case you were worried!

Bon nuit, kalanichta, guten abende and good night!

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