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1st January 2010

Its “Not a Day for Clothes”……

Wow! It isn’t even July yet and its SO very hot! I’ve been up since 6am, thanks to Jake breaking down the baby gate at the top of the stairs – the one which is meant to stop he and Alfie jumping into our bed. Jake wanted to play! And a 12 stone puppy jumping on you when you are only half awake, isn’t funny……..(well, it is a bit, once you wake up!)
Anyway, I’ve done my housework and washing, tidied around and decided what to pack for the UK – but am still not dressed. I really don’t think I could stand putting clothes on today – which is going to be very embarrassing for the people in the fruit market when I go in for our weekly veg and salad stuff! Perhaps we could talk everyone into not wearing clothes today? Susie F won’t mind- she’s halfway there already but will expect us all to “blow” on her to keep her cool (don’t ask – isn’t a pretty story!)….
Probably the best thing for me to do, is to stay at home. In the pool. All day……with a naked tony bringing me drinks and food……, no. I’d laugh so much, I’d probably drown!

Category: Cyprus Villas News