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25th September 2021

It’s Bathtime!

Day three and I’m exhausted!

Had to get up just after 5am to keep my mother human company.

She seems to like going outside onto the balcony to walk around talking to herself and wants me to follow, so I do!

Sometimes I even pee but I prefer to do that in places the humans haven’t found yet- but come to light slowly!

I’m learning ways to keep her happy: I bite her toes; run in circles and that thing behind me keeps banging side to side and makes me turn in circles!

Luckily, the father human lifted me onto the human bed which the mother got up to go to feed the (very noisy) cats, their breakfast. I like that bed! think I’ll stay there forever . (wonder if Mother will fit in my bed? I’ll check later when I’ve pulled Angel out of the way).

Don’t quite understand what happened next but , when the human mother came back to my bed that I now share with father person, she sniffed me and decided that is was time for a bath! Well, she should just get a bath and leave us boys to snooze! Honestly, I’m only 11 weeks and 4 days and I’m tired!

Seems the bath was for me! ARGH!

Except it was a shower and it was fun!

I chased the water around the shower and tried to eat the bubbles, then climbed the wall then slipped and slipped. I loved it….but I smell funny now so I had to go back into the garden to roll around a bit!

Mother seems to have decided to sleep in my bed because she put it into the mouth of the monster in the kitchen and the monster turned it round and round and washed it – now it’s in the sunshine and I’m sleeping on two lovely , soft, pink blankets that I like very much (but I’ll eat them if Brucie or Harry appear: don’t want them to think I’m a girl and like pink!).

Need to sleep again.

Got a busy afternoon.

My God dog mother is coming up to see me so I need to be on form and be able to chase leaves and play and try to jump – all the things you silly humans seem to think are important when, personally, I just want to chew a shoe.

Or a table.

Or the cushion next to my new bed!

It’s a puppy’s life – and my name is Dexter James Bell and I’m going to MILK IT!

Wuff and wags.

ps I found this photo of my big brother, Barney T Rubble. He’s sitting in my favourite place. I know this because he told me when he comes to play with me when the humans aren’t looking!

Dexter the not so smelly! (for now!).



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