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1st January 2010

Its an age thing………….

Thought these two stories would amuse you….

On Friday, as I drove through the village of Peyia, one of the old men who I recognised as living near our office, was walking down the road, trying to flag a lift. I stopped to pick him up, figuring if I did my good deed for the day, Alfie would get better. Nicholas, as he told me, had been widowed 20 years and was very happy to be offered a lift. Ah, bless him – till I was concentrating on the traffic and he made a grab for my boobs, little B*****d! So I stopped the car and turfed him out!
Old he may be – but he’s all there (in a heap on the roadside where I left him!)

A nicer story relating to age, was told to me by the gorgeous owners of Villa Aarabella in Coral Bay, Jean and Geoff. They were having a nice dinner and got chatting to an old man, who introduced himself as Freddie. Freddie told them he’d moved here to Cyprus when he was 72 and had lived here for 9 years. And he loved living here. It made him feel better. Could they guess how old he was?
Er, 81, Geoff and Jean replied!
Freddie was shocked and amazed at the prowess………

Category: Cyprus Villas News