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1st January 2010

Its a Virgo thing!

I’ve tried very hard: I walk away from some; try to ignore others but get a few paces away then have to go back to put it right…..

The problem? Empty toilet roll holders!

I just cannot help it! Whether I’m in Yialos, the beach taverna enjoying lunch or in our office, powdering my nose or in The Mill, wine bar having an, erm, cuppa, there is always an empty toilet roll holder and I’ve just GOT to refill it!

No-one else seems to care and I cannot be the only Virgo in the village, can I?

Its the same with sugar bowls; have got to refill ’em, even though I don’t take sugar. Piles of paper: cannot leave them without “fanning them out” and getting some air into them – I’ve come to the conclusion I’ve very, very sad……..or very efficient? Let’s choose the latter!

Category: Cyprus Villas News